• Smisetnebba
  • 1175 m
  • Primary factor 1030 m
  • Location: North 62:48.202, East 008:26.056 (GPS on the summit)
  • Near Sunndalsøra, Møre og Romsdal, Norway
  • Saddle: Near Ålvundeid on Hwy. 70.
  • Climbed October 11, 2003


How to get there: Sunndalsøra is a good starting point. Sunndalsøra is about 70 km from Oppdal on E-6 (Oppdal is about 100 km south of Trondheim). From Sunndalsøra, continue north on Hwy. 70, you will have the mountain on your left side as you drive across from Sunndalsfjorden to Ålvundfjorden. About 37 km from Sunndalsøra there is a Statoil gas station on your left and a road going left just after the station with a sign "Rotås 11 km". Take this road, and drive 3 km. Locate a road going left here, just after crossing a small creek. Turn onto this road and drive another 3.8 km. You are now at the end of lake Hafstadvatnet. You should cross a small river near this point and shortly after this crossing, find a small parking area on the right side of the road. There is a wooden sign on a tree pointing straight uphill across the road. park here. Elevation is 175 meter, GPS coordinates are North 62:49.100, East 008:21.592. Thus you have exactly 1000 vertical meter ahead of you.
Route description: Cross the road from the parking and locate a small trail that initially heads slightly to the left and continues close to a building, then up along the right side of the creek. A bit further up the trail passes the old building Havdalssetra, then continues uphill until the flat meadow vally Viddalen. Cross the creek before it becomes deep and more difficult to cross. The mountain slope on your left (of the Viddalen valley) is initially steep and rocky, then more gentle before it again looks less attractive to climb. Head up this middle section. The subsidiary peak Indre Nonshaugen (1137m) is straight ahead. You can gain the saddle just north of this point or head directly for this point or even contour up aiming slightly to the right of this subsidiary peak. Continue along the ridge from here to the summit. The entire hike never exceeds (YDS) class 2 in difficulty.
Comments: I did this climb with my son Pål Jørgen, age 14. The forecast was pretty miserable, but the weather stayed pretty ok. We even saw some rays of sunshine. The wind near the summit was strong, but we did not have any significant problems. There was snow above 800 meter and the usual trouble with boulders covered with snow and unpredictable holes.
We started at 0930, hit the summit at 1215. Spent about 15 minutes signing a summit log and splitting a bar of chocolate. The local sports club awarded 10 points for this climb in some sort of local hiking initative that motivated the summit log. Returned to the car around 1400.