• Bergsfjellet
  • 521 m
  • Primary factor 238 m
  • Location North 60.20739 East 005.70383 (GPS on the summit)
  • Fusa, Norway
  • Difficulty: YDS class 3 (class 2 from a different direction)
  • Climbed April 17, 2016.


How to get there:
From Bergen, drive south to Os, then east to the ferry at Hattvik. Take it across to Venjaneset (NOK 80 in 2016.). Measure from here. Drive into Fusa and turn right (south). Follow the road until you arrive at Håvik, about 18 kilometer from the ferry. Ask permission to park. There is space for a single car just before the last house, location N60.19329 E005.69538, elevation about 25 meter.
Route description:
Most people seem to hike this peak from the opposite (north) side. The best route fro Håvik is likely directly up, slightly west of Stopelen, 438m. This route follows a pretty distinct gully.
An alternative is to first hike up the valley between Bergsfjellet and Håvikemulen. This valley is named Harddalen. There is a trail that mostly runs on the (uphill) left hand side of the creek. One should not be tempted to turn left (towards the summit) too early, you will run into difficult cliff bands. The best route is likely to make a really big curve and approach the summit from the north-east.
I left at 1250 and took the route up Harddalen. However, I turned left too early and ran into difficult terrain. It became a separate challenge to try climbing these cliff bands. However, at several spots where I most likely could have climbed up, I decided to opt for a safer route, this caused delays.
I finally arrived at the south summit around 1445. Nice spot for a good view back down to Håvik as well as across to the well known Ulvanosa.
I headed north to the main summit, arriving there around 1500. It was a nice spot with good views north to Kvitingen, as well as Gullfjellet further north-west. I had plans for more summits, but given the time, I decided to return directly to my car.
This was an interesting project as the map indicated steep terrain. I was able to follow some pretty steep gullies that connected all the way down. Some short sections of scrambling, but overall an easier (and much shorter!) route than the one I ended up taking on my ascent. I was back at my car around 1630, caught the ferry from Fusa to Os and thus, a much shorter drive back home.