• Blådalsnipa
  • 679 m
  • Primary factor 109 m
  • Location: Masfjorden, Norway.
  • Location: North 60.73930, East 5.48828 (GPS at the summit)
  • Climbed November 30, 2020
  • Difficulty YDS class 2


How to get there:
Drive E-39 north from Bergen. Immediately before the long Eikefet tunnel, take Hwy. 570 (left turn) north towards Masfjorden. Measure from here. Drive 12.3 kilometer. In a left bending curve, locate a big parking area on your right. Park there. The location is 60.74858, 5.39001, elevation about 35 meter.
Route description:
This is an official trailhead for a trail to the DNT hut Kalvedalshytta. This is also the trail that may be followed almost all the way to the summit of Storevasseggene.
First, follow the well marked trail as it heads uphill and then crosses back down to lake Sørkvingevatnet. The trail follows the lake shore, then turns left and ascends a very interesting ravine. Near the top, a trail merges from the right. Continue straight to lake Blådalsvatnet. The trail turns right here and ascends to lake Setretjørna. There are several huts across this small lake. From here, you will see the Storevasseggene ahead and a bit of Blådalsnipa hidden behind further left.
Continue up the T-marked trail towards Kalvedalshytta, leave the trail shortly before the main crest and complete the easy ascent to the summit of Storevasseggene.
Cross over this summit and continue north towards Blådalsnipa. The descent to the very distinct col is steepish and slippery when wet or partially covered by snow. You need to head a bit north-east, there are a few small rocks/cairns showing a feasible way. This descent/ascent has a few (YDS) class 3 moves. When slippery, one needs to exercise caution here. If too steep, then look for a better alternative. I did not find any completely easy route when wet and with some minimal snow cover.
As soon as you are down in the col, the ascent to the Blådalsnipa summit is straightforward.
I first climber Storevasseggene, the first part of this trip report may be found there.
I left the summit of Storevasseggene at 1140 and started down towards the col separating this peak from Blådalsnipa. The terrain was surprisingly steep and slippery. Wet rocks and rocks coated with a thin layer of ice or snow. I needed to proceed with great caution. As I moved lower, there was no obvious route that would get me down. I jumped down a step that would be pretty hard to reverse. The only exit seemed to be a narrow ledge going right. I could not see if this would work, but gave it a try. The ledge narrowed, but then turned a corner and provided a way down. Puh, a bit more exciting than needed.
I ascended to the Blådalsnipa cairn without any issues, arriving there at 1230. A brief stop, then returning to the col. Looking at the rocks from below revealed an option that would avoid the narrow ledge. I ascended carefully and discovered my footsteps higher up. Proceeding uphill more or less in the same way as my descent got me back up on more level ground. From here, the return hike went pretty smoothly, I was back at my car at 1525, so 2:50 from the summit of Blådalsnipa.