• Skavteigfjellet
  • 1548 m.
  • Primary factor 98 m.
  • Loen, Norway
  • Location: North 61:49.760, East 006:52.749 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2.
  • Climbed May 1. 2012.


How to get there:
The best starting point is in Olden or Loen at the inner part of the Nordfjord.
Route description:
The easiest approach is from Olden/Loen ascending Avleindfjellet, then continuing to Skavteigfjellet.
Loen Rundt:
The traverse from Meleinsnibba to this mountain may be non-trivial depending on the conditions. Descend steeply to the top end of the ridge named the Chinese Wall, or alternatively, descend out the west ridge of the peak, then traverse the steep glacier in order to reach the foot of the Chinese Wall in an area from where it may be climbed. Finally, ascend steeply to the summit of Skavteigfjellet. From here, proceed across easy terrain to the last mountain on the Loen Rundt Tour, Avleinsfjellet. This mountain is separated by a relatively low saddle.
I did this climb as part of my Loen Rundt trip with Bergen Mountaineering Club.