• Golvertinden
  • 1684 m
  • Prominence 800 m
  • Location: Nordland, Norway
  • Location: North 65.35122, East 013.78713
  • Climbed April 27. 2021.


How to get there:
Driving E-6 from the south, a short while after crossing into Nordland, you drive by the lake Majavatn. After this lake, fork right onto Hwy. 7336. After lake Øvre Fiplingvatnet, fork right again in order to drive on the east (right) side of lake Nedre Fiplingvatnet. Continue to the end of this lake. Cross a small bridge, then park as much off the road as possible in the meeting spot immediately after this bridge on your right. Pull forward as far as possible away from the bridge. This location is N65.38847, E013.64928, elevation about 390 meter.

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