Hvalross Fjeld

  • Hvalross Fjeld
  • 2170 m.
  • Primary factor: tbd
  • Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland


How to get there: The mountain summit is located at 76.21.499 north, 26.06.101 west. This is a GPS measurement at the summit.
Route description: The mountain has a good route up the south-west ridge. One starts from the glacier and first climbs the scree to reach a smaller top (1930 m). From this top, the ridge starts (at 76.20.944 north, 26.08.150 west), first descending about 60 m, then climbing. At the end the ridge widens and leads to a snow field, the rocky summit is just past the snow.
Comments: The ascent on May 21. 2000 was a first ascent. A cairn was built at the summit. The snow pattern on the mountain facing our base camp together with the long, characteristic ridge line (back) made this mountain resemble a giant walrus, thus the name.