• Hangervåttån
  • 272 m
  • Primary factor 169 m
  • Location: North 63.37917, East 010.08296 (GPS)
  • Hordaland, Norway
  • Difficulty, YDS class 1
  • Climbed on June 3. 2021


How to get there:
This summit is located fairly near the center of Trondheim, however the road is still a bit involved. Drive E-6 south. At the interchange where E-39 forks right, pick up Hwy. 707 that heads west along the coast on the north side of the fjord. Change to Hwy. 6652 in order to stay near the coast, this will get you to the base of the hill. Fork right on a local farm road at location N63.3746, E10.1019. Ask permission to park or find a place that stays away from private dwellings. I parked at location N63.37569, E010.09345, this was early morning.
Route description:
From the end of the local road, continue along the forest road, then curve right and follow the tractor road uphill until a flat section where a big and clear trail forks left. Take this trail, it is a short cut of the tractor road. Rejoin the tractor road and continue along an obvious route to the summit.
I decided to do this summit before breakfast. Leaving Trondheim quite early, I was ready to hike by 0700. The hike took 15 minutes. The summit area is well equipped with a few benches, a table, a BBQ site as well as firewood. There is even an axe for chopping the wood. There is limited views. I returned to my car in 10 minutes.