• Manfjellet
  • 1263 m
  • Primary factor 213 meter
  • Location: North 60.45569, East 006.17362 (GPS at the summit)
  • Voss, Norway
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2
  • Climbed February 25. 2018.


How to get there:
Drive E-16 to the traffic circle at Trengereid, then Hwy. 7 across to Nordheimsund and onwards to Øystese. In Øystese, take a left in the traffic circle immediately after crossing the main river. Turn right higher up and navigate to the road Skårdalsvegen, the road that climbs into Skårdalen valley and eventually connects across to the narrow fjord Fykse. In slightly less than 2 kilometer, turn left at location N60.3991, E006.2123, elevation about 140 meter. Follow this road up to the farm Hovland.
You will pass some farm buildings, then find a small parking on your left (Space for 3-4 cars), just where a track heads directly uphill. This location is N60.41354, E006.21395, elevation about 235 meter. The last farm is still a bit further ahead. Park here.
Route description:
Follow the track (in winter often ski tracks here), that heads uphill from the trailhead, then continues a bit more gently uphill towards a ridge that runs across a bit further in. Turn left (still following a track) here and follow the small valley (and a creek) that continues uphill. The steepish hillside that is now on your right becomes less steep higher up and eventually, you cross the creek and ascend the slope on your right. In this way you reach the summer farm houses (seter), called Hyrting, elevation about 660 meter.
Continue up the hill directly behing the farm cabins, the terrain is less steep once you reach the plateau above the buildings. Next, the route pretty much follows the near the main ridgeline with a slightly steeper hill just below the summit. The summit is marked with a good sized cairn. The view across to the higher neighbor Skrott is immediate. One can also see the Lønahorgi mountain above Voss with its characteristic antenna as well as the highest (local) mountain Kvitanosi.
I did this trip as a trip leader for the Bergen mountaineering club (DNT Fjellsport Bergen), and 13 participants had signed up and also met in Bergen at 0750. Additionally, Fredrik was co-leader, so we were 15 people all together.
The forecast was quite good and we travelled with 4 cars to the trailhead arriving there well before 1000. After everybody had sorted out gear and clothing, we started skiing at 1000. We stayed at a leisurely pace as is almost inevitable with such a large group. Well before the summit on a nice sheltered slope, I called for a general rest in order for people to have their lunch. We continued after this break and reached the summit about 3 hours after the start.
Nice views all around and no wind. Unlike our previous trips in this sequence (4 trips), one could spend time on top and prepare for the descent with no urgency at all.
We left the summit around 1330 and skied back down in about 50 minutes. Our youngest participant did a nice jump off a 4 meter high cliff and everybody else skied according to their own level of skill.
Thanks to Fredrik for providing some photos as well as doing an excellent job as trip co-leader. Also, thanks to all participants, some of whom have been on several of this winter's organized "summit ski trips with Petter".