• Skjervungen
  • 1098 m.
  • Primary factor 208 meter
  • Between Dokka and Synnfjorden, Norway
  • Location: North 61:07.588, East 009:53.913
  • Climbed on skis several times during Easter.


How to get there: The easiest ascent will start from the Spåtind hotel. The hotel has a downhill ski area that extends almost to the summit. Our normal approach starting at my cabin is much longer and crosses the Dokka valley.
Route description: This description starts at my cabin. This is a ski climb only. First ski across the meadows towards Prestkjerringa which is passed just to the south at a saddle before descending to the southern end of the lake Mjogsjøen. From here the trail climbs to a pass on the northern side of Kjettberget (1012m), before the long and gentle downhill into the Dokka Valley. The slope gets steeper towards the end and care should be taken since this valley is destroyed by a hydro electric power reservoir. At Easter time the reservoir is almost empty, but huge blocks of broken ice is scattered all over the bottom of the valley. The west side slope is steep and full of trees often in deep, loose snow. Route finding here is always tricky, but once up the steep part, the going gets easier until one hooks up with the trail from the Synnfjorden side. The skiing trail to the summit heads north and climbs the mountain with a number of small and large hills. The return route is normally the same, one can also ski off the mountain to the north and loop back that way, this is longer, but may avoid the Dokka complications by crossing the river further north.
Comments: This is the first mountain west of Dokka that my sons will ski to around the age of 9.
The saddle defining the primary factor is just west of Ormtjørn at 890 meter.