• Fagerfjellet
  • 884 m
  • Primary factor 614 m
  • Troms, Norway
  • Location: North 69:15.563 East 018:18.205 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed May 6, 2012.


How to get there:
From Tromsø drive to Nordkjusnbotn, then continue south on E-6 to Olsborg. Cross the bridge, then turn right on Hwy. 855. Drive along Hwy. 855 (approximately 19 km), and note the sign when you exit Målselv municipality and enter Lenvik. Shortly thereafter, you will see a sign saying turnoff right to Blomli. Take this turnoff, then immediately turn left. Drive a short stretch, you should pass some old gas pumps on your left. Subsequently, look for parking on your left, this is the trailhead/parking, location N69:13.351 E018:14.977, elevation about 50 meter.
Route description:
Cross the road and head up a small access road between some local houses. In winter, continue directly up the farmers field above. In summer, locate the beginning of a forest road that heads uphill. At the top end of the field there is a gate and a more clearly defined forest road leads uphill. At elevation 380 meter, location N69:14.198 E018:14.575, there is a mountain hut. In fact, the area has a number of vacation homes above treeline in this area.
From here, proceed uphill towards the steeper part of the mountain. Generally, stay right (east), then move left as large, gentle ramp appears. This route provides a safe way to higher terrain. Continue uphill until you enter the much more level top area of the mountain. Turn left and ski/walk towards the island HP.
After a big climb of Njunis the day before, I woke up and looked out the window seeing that my car had been turned into a pile of snow! Obviously, about 20 cm of new snow had fallen during the night. After all, we are just a week into the month of May. It was a grey day and I decided to find a small and hopefully, easy mountain. I settled on Fagerfjellet, located sort of between Leirtinden and Kistefjellet, both of whom I had already visited.
The skiing up to treeline was easy, a snow scooter track showed the way. A number of fairly new mountain cabins had been built up here.
The route up to the main ridge looked very doable, but I realized that I would end up in the clouds. Certainly so, the last part was a bit steeper and routefinding a bit harder due to limited visibility. I gained the main ridge and made a GPS waypoint in order to find this exit point on my way back down. The final, pretty flat area should turn out to be more complex than anticipated. I ran into several steep snow banks, obviously formed by the wind. In a complete whiteout you do not see this until you actually run into them. Then you need to find your way around etc. These banks were from one to two meter high, quite enough to cause some slight delays and trouble.
I found the summit point at 1510, about 3 hours after departure. The return skiing was also hindered by the small snow cliffs, this time because you tend to ski off before even noticing their immediate presence. As son as I was below the clouds, navigation became trivial and I returned to my car around 1700.