Mount Washburn

  • Mount Washburn
  • 3119 m.
  • Primary factor 690 m.
  • Wyoming
  • Climbed June 1997


How to get there: This mountain is right next to the road in Yellowstone National Park. Get a local map of the park.
Route description: There are two trails to the top. The one starting furthest south is highly recommended. The trail is well marked and quite wide all the way. As early as June it was partly covered by snow at the higher elevation, but there were no problems. The last part follows the top of a ridge with good views both left and right, but the trail is wide as a road. This hike is an easy and relaxing walk.
Comments: The view from the top extends over a large part of Yellowstone. One can clearly see the outline of the giant caldera of which this mountain is a part. There were some very nice bighorn sheep near the summit.