• Sandvikshornet
  • 876 m
  • Primary factor 788 m
  • Location: N 62:25.848, E006:39.705 (GPS on the summit)
  • Location: Sunnmøre, Norway
  • Climbed March 10. 2007.
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2.


How to get there: From Ålesund, head southeast to Spjelkavik (Hwy. E-39), then take Hwy. 60 (signed for Stranda) to Magerholm where there is a ferry crossing to Aursnes. This ferry runs frequently, so no need to plan your driving (approximately 30 minutes from Ålesund). From Aursnes, drive only a few kilometer to Aure and make a left towards Andestad and Søvik. The road runs on the left (north) side of the pretty large lake Andestadvatnet. As you come to its end, and before the next lake, you will locate the farm Løset on your left. The local farm access road has a fork shortly after leaving the main highway. There is room for a single car parking without blocking any access. This is the trailhead, elevation 76 meter, location N62:25.483, E006:42.683.
Route description: Take the right fork on the farm road, pass below the main building, then uphill to locate an old farm track that runs horizontally to your left. Follow this and locate the beginning of the trail as it heads uphill just where it also crosses the small creek. The trail runs uphill and crosses the ridge in order to access the lake Løsetvatnet. As you gain this ridge, turn left (west) and follow the ridge as it connects to the broad east ridge of Sandvikshornet just as you also cross the treeline. From here, the terrain is nice and gentle, climbing to the summit. There are good slopes for skiing as well as hiking in this area.
See a more complete description on on the mountain pages by Arnt.
Comments: I did this climb with my friend Arnt. Unfortunately, the weatherforecast was less than optimal, calling for rain and wind with storm force. Arnt suggested that climbing Sandvikshornet from its east side might give us protection from the wind and thus a pretty nice climb despite the poor weather.
His plan worked out to its fullest, we had very good conditions and almost no wind as we skied up to the ridge and continued up the broad ridge from the east. First as we came significantly above 600 meter of elevation, did we notice the wind coming in slightly on our left, that is, from south-west. We left the skies behind and completed the hike on foot. Not because the terrain was difficult to ski, but rather since the wind was likely to get pretty strong near the top. This was indeed the case and the last few meter became a struggle with strong headwind. The gusts were certainly well into the 20-30 m/s range and the summit was certainly high enough for today. We had started out around 0935, and arrived at the summit cairn just before 1130. As I rested by the cairn, the sun broke through for a brief moment while the wind fiercely tried to push us off the mountain. The visibility was quite good with the Storfjorden below us on the north side, Still, the weather did not invite to any extended stay, therefore we turned around and returned to the skis and the slopes below. Having the wind from behind makes quite a difference. We returned to the car around 1215 looking forward to a long and relaxing afternoon back at Arnt's place.