• Sørkletten
  • 341 m
  • Primary factor 113 m
  • Osterøy, Norway
  • Location: North (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed October 27, 2013.


How to get there:
From Bergen, drive E-16 to the Osterøy bridge. Measure from the island side of the bridge. Follow signs to Lonevåg arriving at the traffic circle (after a long tunnel) at kilometer 13.5. Continue to Fotlandsvåg at kilometer 27.5, continue straight and drive 3.4 kilometer from Fotlandsvåg. That is, at kilometer 30.9, in a downhill with gentle curves, turn right onto a small road. At kilometer 31.4, this road forks. The right fork climbs uphill to the base of Klubben, with a 4WD car (or at least high clearance), you may explore this option. An alternative is to take the left fork and park at a small parking area near the lake at kilometer 31.5. This trailhead is at location N60.59696, E005.56969, elevation about 35 meter.
Route description:
Continue along the forest road that directly continues the road. This road runs below a small waterfall, then ends. However, a small trail continues along what is normally a small creek. As you gain a local plateau, Sørkletten is directly above you. Keep a bit right in order to avoid a steeper hillside, then gain the flat area near the summit. An easy stroll and you will locate the highest points close to the east side.
I decided to continue along the forest road in front of me, climb Sørkletten first, then Klubben on my way home. It had rained hard for several days and all creeks were running full of water. The weather improved and the sun came out. I reached the summit in about 50 minutes after setting out from the car. The time was 1125, we had just turned the time one hour back, thus an early schedule for being a Sunday hike from home. I visited several points all competing for being the highest, they are all located pretty near each other. The cliff facing the valley across to Høgafjell is definitely the proper place. I noticed the pretty new road that has been built up to Nedra Botnavatnet. After 10 minutes I walked towards Klubben, deciding to keep left of the small hump between me and my target.