• Storhøe
  • 1716 m
  • Primary factor 601 m
  • Location: North 62.09187, East 009.39887 (GPS on the summit)
  • Norway
  • Climbed November 3, 2013
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2.


How to get there:
This mountain is near Hwy. E-6, just north of the village Dombås. From Dombås, drive about 10 kilometer north on E-6. Locate a small road going right, just opposite of some buildings at the place called Fokstugua. Drive this small road and cross another dirt road, then park. This is the trailhead, location N62.11199, E009.28957, elevation about 980 meter.
Route description:
Go through a small gate, then follow a pretty big trail that heads directly towards the local top called Gråhøi, 1299 meter. Do not go all the way, but leave this trail approximately when you are at 1150 meter. Now set your direction towards the 1707 summit (also called Storhøi). The terrain is nice and easy to walk with few rocks. When reaching about 1500 meter of elevation, adjust your direction a bit left (more north) and aim for the 1716 meter summit. You will then gain the saddle between 1707 and 1716. From here, proceed directly up the gentle slope to the summit cairn.
Trip Report / Comments:
I had climbed two different peaks just a bit more north on Saturday and I needed to travel back to Bergen this Sunday. Also, the forecast called for a major storm to hit on Sunday, first in the southern part of the country. Thus, I figured that I could climb this peak in the early morning, hopefully before the storm would hit full force.
I slept in my car at the trailhead and started out hiking already at 0600 with my strong head torch. By 0730, the daylight came and I was already well on my way hiking across pretty flat terrain towards the 1707 summit that is more visible. I was happy to make the summit at 0850. The summit was already far from hospitable! The wind was strong gale and the place did not invite to a long stay. The sky was grey all over and the storm clearly on its way. I left at 0900, the hiking was even a bit easier with daylight and I took a slightly more direct line back. Arriving at my car by 1035, a very nice morning climb completed!
I drove back to Bergen, the most direct mountain crossing had closed due to the storm and driving via Stryn added about 100 kilometer. I was in Bergen by 1800 all prepared for a very nice dinner with Heidi and Pål Jørgen.