• Kanalberget
  • 1937 m
  • Primary factor 437 m
  • Sarek, Sweden
  • Location: North 67:18.632, East 17:32.941
  • Climbed in August 1973


How to get there: This mountain is quite far from any convenient trailhead. It is located in the Swedish national park Sarek (Northern Sweden). The mountain is on the west side of the main Rapa valley, between this valley and the national park Padjelanta further west.
Route description: We climbed this mountain as part of our hike from the heart of Sarek (in the Rapa valley) to the Norwegian mining town Sulitjelma. Ascend more or less directly west from Rapa, gain a glacier, cross this and continue up to the main summit. We traversed and descended on the west side to cross out of Sarek and into Padjelanta.
Comments: This climb was part of a long summer hike that started further north in Norway, crossed into Sweden and further into Sarek from the north. We subsequently spent several days in the Rapa valley, successfully recovering a big depot of supplies that we had pulled in on a ski trip the previous Easter. That Easter trip marked a very successful winter crossing from Store Sjøfallet (near Porjus) to Sulitjelma. On both trips I had company of my friends Jostein, Ivar and Ole.