• Grønefjellet
  • 653 m
  • Prominence 101 m
  • Location: North 60.89744, East 005.34606 (GPS on summit)
  • Masfjorden, Norway
  • Difficulty, YDS class 2
  • Climbed on May 15. 2021


How to get there:
From Bergen, drive to Knarvik (E-39), then turn left in the first traffic circle, Hwy. 57, signed for Mongstad and Leirvåg. In Leirvåg, take the ferry, it leaves 15 minutes past the hour. The return ferry leaves 15 minutes before each hour. From Sløvåg, drive west on Hwy. 57/570 to Hosteland. Turn north there on Hwy. 5436. Pass Ostavatnet and continue to Kvamsdalsvatnet. Very shortly after you leave Kvamsdalsvatnet, fork right on a road signed for Kvamsdalen. Drive this road until you see a bridge crossing the river ahead, immediately park on the right hand side before you enter this bridge. This location is N60.88841, E005.31076, elevation about 55 meter.
Route description:
Walk across the bridge and continue along the road as you pass a couple of huts located on your left. Cross a small fence and continue uphill on grass, you will pass some old stone ruins then locate an old farm (forest) road heading uphill on the left side of a creek. Follow this road until you see a clearly marked trail (red/white sticks), that fork right. This is before the road reaches a hilltop. Follow this trail, it will traverse, then climb a bit right before entering a small, nice valley that climbs to lake Setretjørna. The summer farm Kvamsdalsstølen is located by this small lake.
Shortly before you reach this lake, leave the trail and head for the ridge that extends down from the mountain plateau above. You may have a short section of bush-wack, however, it is not very hard to find quite good terrain up along this ridge. Near the top, stay left and continue a more gradual ascent. You may see a cairn off on your right, this is not a high point. You will soon arrive at the summit area. There are 3 competing high points. Two of these are fairly well defined, The one to the north has a small cairn. the 3rd. is located more west and is pretty large and flat. There is a single rock that may qualify as the highest point.
I arrived shortly before 1100 and asked the locals for a proper place to park. They advised that the spot before the bridge was preferable. Starting at 1110, I made good progress up the forest road and along the nice trail. A short section of bush, then a good ridge that climbed to the summit area. This mountain is fairly big and rounded near its top. I headed towards higher ground and found three competing points. Arriving after 1.5 hours. The views east across Masfjorden were nice, I could see more snow on the higher mountains located more inland. I spent about 20 minutes in the summit area. Descending back down took 1:10, I speeded up on the forest road when I realized that I needed the time in order to catch the 1445 ferry.