• Blåtinden
  • 621 m
  • Primary factor 428 m
  • Near Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway
  • Location: North 68:15.280, East 14:34.801
  • Climbed June 12, 2000.


How to get there: Svolvær in Lofoten can be reached by boat or airplane from Bodø. This area is known for good rockclimbing with mountains raising straight out of the sea. Lofoten is well north of the Arctic Circle with midnight sun in the summer.
One can walk to the trailhead from downtown Svolvær. Go west on Caroline Harveysvei, starting next to the Shell gas station on the main highway, then turn left on Meyerbakken and left again on Strandveien, next make a left on Villaveien. Follow villaveien over a hilltop, then down a small hill passing a summer camp on the left. As the road continues uphill and around a curve to the right, the trail starts on the left side of the road across from a small road called Knutvikveien.
Route description: The trail first heads up passing a lake that supplies Svolvær with drinking water. Next, the trail follows near a creek until it reaches a col with a smaller summit to the left and another lake beyond it. From here one can follow the ridge (right) towards the summit. It may also be possible to hike up a slope that gradually gets steeper just before the ridge and connect with the ridge just before the summit. I climbed the ridge and would think it offers a more enjoyable route. At one point one need to climb a few meters down to the right, but most of the way one can stay right on the ridge. The summit area consists of four smaller, distinct points. The first point is on the continued ridge connecting to the mountain Fløya. The second and third points are very close in height, while the forth point (which is the one with a cairn) is on a ridge extending towards the city of Svolvær. This point is the lowest of the four. When I climbed the mountain, the three points were separated from the first one by two snow slopes meeting at the top ridge.
Comments: The mountain offers a very nice view of the sea and islands of Lofoten, in particular, a birds view of Svolvær. There is some exposure at the last ridges connecting the four small summit points, but the climb involves nothing but easy scrambling.