• Skrådalstinden
  • 771 m
  • Primary factor 746 m
  • Lofoten, Norway
  • Location: North 68.27723, East 013.64939 (GPS)
  • Climbed September 13. 2020
  • Difficulty: YDS class 3


How to get there:
From Leknes in Lofoten, drive about 10 kilometer on Hwy. E-10 in the direction of Svolvær. You should then arrive in the small community Liland. Turn left here onto Hwy. 7720. Follow this road, note when you pass through a tunnel. About 600 meter after the tunnel, a small road serving 2 houses runs right and then immediately, there is a grass parking area on your left. A trail sign is also posted here. Park here, location N68.25382, E013.65338, elevation only a couple of meter.
Cross the road and follow the small road passing 2 houses, then turning into grass. You cross a small red gate, be careful to close it behind you. Next follow the trail up the valley while staying to the left side of the small creek. The trail will become less distinct, just continue in the same direction with the small creek on your right hand side. When reaching about 200 meter of elevation, turn slightly left (north) and continue uphill on easy terrain towards point 394m. My route ascended to location N68.26421, E013.67826, elevation near 400 meter, where you find a pretty clear trail. More than half the elevation has been gained, but the interesting part of this hike is now about to begin.
Your next goal is the summit of Svartdalstinden, looking pretty steepish straight ahead along the ridge. This peak is near 530 meter and the trail zig-zags up the ridge, very entertaining with a few spots with some exposure. Beyond the peak, the landscape changes, grass and a pretty easy trail ascending the next "bump" called hunden (the dog). Hunden is skirted on the left, the trail then descends only slightly to reach the last col before the curved ridge up to Skrådalstinden really begins.
The trail is pretty easy to follow, it mostly stays on the left side of the ridge, with a few brief visits to the opposite side. Eventually, the trail gains the ridge and completes the ascent along the top. Just before regaining the ridge, there is a somewhat exposed passage with fairly small footholds, this is likely the crux of the route (YDS class 3). There is a small pile of rocks at the summit, serving as a summit cairn.
I left Leknes and completed the short drive to the trailheaad. Starting at 1020, I followed a trail that got progressively smaller up the valley on the left hand side. Eventually, I had no more trail, but very easy and nice terrain leading up to point 394m. There, I joined the trail that runs all the way to the summit. From here, the peak looks pretty impressive. Before getting to it, the route traverses a long ridge with a few minor peaks along the way. The first peak, Svartdalstinden, looks pretty difficult, but all sorts out quite nicely. The route has quite a bit of nice ridge walking, good views north-east. I continued up the final ridge. The weather was full of (strong) wind as well as rain that sort of came and went. The conditions up on the final stretch to the summit were not nice at all. I reached the summit at 1225 and spent about 10 minutes there. No views, in the middle of a cloud.
Descending, all nice and carefully. I actually enjoyed the less than optimal conditions. An easy walk down into the valley, back at the car at 1420, exactly 4 hours!