• Rundesteinen
  • 424 m
  • Primary factor 171 m
  • Location: Hordaland
  • Location: North 60.70812, East 005.57188 (GPS at the summit)
  • Climbed November 18, 2020
  • Difficulty YDS class 2


How to get there:
Take E-39 north from Bergen. Drive through the 4.9 kilometer Eikefet tunnel. Go through a small (short) tunnel after you exit the long one, then drive another 480 meter and turn left onto a smaller road. Drive this smaller road a bit more than 400 meter in order to locate a small side-road that crosses the river to your right. Drive across this narrow bridge and park on your left side immediately after this bridge. This location is N60.70205, E005.56511, elevation about 50 meter.
Route description:
Continue up the small road serving a house a bit higher. Cross over right at the top and follow a small farm road into the broad col. There is a stone fence that should be crossed. Look for a small path or trail heading up the ridge left. In any case, that is the way you should go. The route runs pretty much up the middle of the ridge coming down from Rundesteinen. You will definitely run into some sort of trail that can be followed at least in various sections of the ridge. The final upper part has some sections of (smooth) rock, but these may be bypassed on the right if wet and slippery. The summit is marked by a small cairn, there is an equally high point perhaps 20 meter further east.
I had visited Dyrskarfjellet and returned to my car. The time was 1500 and it would not start getting dark until after 1600. Somehow I had the (wrong) impression that to hike Rundesteinen would be at most 20-30 minutes each way. Nice to get it done when I was here at the correct trailhead anyway.
I started out slightly after 1500 and headed up a very steepish route immediately after crossing the stone fence. As I kept going uphill, I soon realized that this hill was higher than I had imagined. I followed small trails most of the way, but did not arrive at the summit before 1600. The clouds were all over, no visibility and pretty strong rain.
I knew that it was important to descend as quickly as possible. It would get dark and my speed of descent would then decrease quite a lot due to the complex terrain with lots of cliffs. This plan worked well, I was not very far from the col when it got completely dark. The last cliffs still took me an extra 15 minutes. I ended up descending in a small creek that ran between steep cliffs on both sides. Quite happy to see the stone wall and knowing that the final mpart would be on a level, predictable surface.
I was back at my car by 1705, quite completely soaked from all the rain as well as walking in a creek at the very end. An easy drive back home to a warm sauna concluded my day.