• Olavsbunuten
  • 1970 m.
  • Primary factor 150 m.
  • Jotunheimen, Norway
  • Location: North 61:27.696, East 008:16.097
  • Climbed March 1992


How to get there: This mountain is near the DNT self-serve hut called Olavsbu. There are T-marked routes from Leirvassbu (car access in summer) and Gjendebu (boat access in summer from Gjendesheim).
Route description: I skied left (south) of the summit from Olavsbu, then climbed the col between this mountain and the higher Mjølkedalstind. From the col one can continue straight to the summit.
Comments: A very nice ski run directly from the saddle between the two summits and back to the DNT hut Olavsbu. This summit was previously known as Østre Mjølkedalstind.