• Skridulaupen
  • 1962 m.
  • Primary factor 712 m.
  • Location: Oppland, Norway
  • Location: North 61:56.741, East 007:36.230
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Attempted March 6 2010.


How to get there: The natural starting point is Grotli. Grotli is located near the upper part of the Otta valley. Access from the west is from Stryn, from the east, drive E-6 to Otta, then E-15 towards Stryn. You should pass the village of Lom and continue 60 more kilometer. At Otta, make a left onto the old road, it continues a short stretch and ends (in winter) in a big parking lot that serves the local vacation huts. This location is N62:00.378, E007:37.807, elevation 907 meter.
Route description: It is best to ski along the (closed) highway up to about 1000 meter of elevation. Before getting to lake Heillstuguvatnet, there is a gate acropss the road. This is a good place to start the uphill climb towards lake Åfåttjørnin, 1273 meter. From here, turn more south-east and ascend gentle terrain towards the lower end of the glacier that is east of point 1949. A more direct, but steeper route would be to ascend the glacier that is just north of the main summit. I would prefer the more gentle slope and rather traverse the summit ridge to the main summit. One can traverse south of point 1949 in one direction and climb it for extra credit before or after the main summit. Point 1949 is fairly independent having a prominence of 119 meter.
First attempt: I had a nice stay and a good dinner at the well known Fossheim hotel in Lom. Driving up to Grotli, I arrived at 0845 and was ready to leave by 0900. The weather was more cloudy, but no wind. Blue patches of sky as well. I had learned my lessons from the two previous days, avoid (at almost any cost) to break trail below the birch tree line. Thus, I followed the groomed track that ran on top of the (summer) highway across to Stryn. Not a single ski track outside of the groomed highway. I skied a long ascending traverse and up to lake Åfåttjørnin, 1273 meter. I continued more or less directly towards the lower end of the glacier on the east side of Skridulaupen.
Unfortunately, the weather did deteriorate rather consistently. It started to snow and the wind increased steadily. The summit of Skridulaupen completely disappeared into dense clouds above me. There were still stretches of deep snow and breaking the trail was not without effort. I took a break just as I crossed above 1600 meter. I had already seen the sloping glacier, it was clearly a nice and very good route, not as steep as causing any concerns for avalanche. Still, a decision should be taken here. I was fairly confident that I could navigate safely up and along the summit ridge to the highest point. It had taken me 3 hours to get this far, the trip would be long. The wind would push me around higher up and there would be zero visibility.
I looked up towards Skridulaupen, hidden in a dense cloud. She told me that she preferred no visits today. I accepted the hint and told her that I would be back at a later time when I would be more welcome. Thus, I turned around and started skiing back down. My route had been almost entirely uphill, with a good track I could now ski rather easily back down. It took me one hour to return to the trailhead.
The weather was now changing all over western Norway, it seemed clear that I should return to Bergen and declare this skiing trip to be over. I arrived back home by 1900, enjoying a good evening meal with my wife Heidi.
Second attempt: Not done yet, please come back later.