Cima Dodici O Ferozzo

  • Cima Dodici O Ferozzo
  • 2336 m
  • Primary factor 1874 m
  • Location: North 45:59.859, East 011:28.079 (GPS on the summit)
  • Location: Near Asiago, east of Trento, Italy
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed July 16, 2004.


How to get there: Locate the city of Asiago, south east of Trento. A nice place to stay is the American Residence Hotel in the center of town. You need to buy the map (scale 1:25.000) called "Altopiano di Asiago Nord", that covers the area north of Asiago. It is for sale in a small store on the main (pedestrian) street near the hotel.
From Asiago, follow signs and drive to the small village Gallio, this is north-east of Asiago, only a few minutes away. Once in Gallio, drive past the church and nice tower, then continue straight along the main road a few hundred meter until you see a green building with an old statue in front of it. A side road forks left before this building, there is also a number of signs for various sport activities pointing this way. Turn onto this road and continue uphill. This road climbs into the distinct valley that can be seen ahead. Shortly after you pass a skilift on your right, you pass a "no entry" road that goes sharply left. This is the first side road about one kilometer into the map, from the road that enters near coordinate "06-99" at the bottom of your map. Continue straight on this paved road as it passes some sort of refugio (with flags) on your left. The next intersection is a T-junction, turn left and continue in a few big curves up the hill. You pass Refugio di Campomuletta on your right, ignore the smaller road that goes right. Continue through a large right turning curve, then turn sharply left near the place called Maiga Fiare. The road has turned to dirt, and from this point it is really more like a 4WD road than a road suited for passenger cars. However, with careful, slow driving one can continue a considerable distance. Park well off the road when the road condition (matched with your car) requires it. We parked very near the beginning of trail 839. The precise location was at elevation 1725 meter, north 45:58.916, east 011:31.875. However, it is permitted to continue driving along the road west (initially trail 839) as far as to the memorial markers below Monte Forno, elevation 1850 meter, location north 45:58.661, east 011:30.333.
Route description: This description provides a circular trip, also traversing the mountain Undici, 2228 m on the return hike. It is perfectly possible to reverse this route and possibly skip the climb of Undici, but still visit the summit of Dodici.
From the beginning of trail 839, follow the road west as it climbs gently with a valley on the left side. After about one kilometer, trail 839 turns right and climbs the slope above the road. Do not go that way, but continue along the road (this trip will return to the road along this trail). About 1.5 km further along you arrive at the base of Monte Forno. There are memorial signs here as well as a description of the main army units involved in the battle. The road is closed to traffic beyond this point.
Continue along the nice road as it winds its way to the hut Bivio Italia (there are signs). Shortly before Bivio Italia, the road climbs through a saddle and forks, take the right fork and arrive at a T-junction. Trail 830 comes from the left, while trail 835 continues right (north) both trails follows a road, appropriately called Kaiser Karl Strasse. Cima Dodici O Ferozzo is now visible to the north. Continue about one kilometer along the road, until it curves right and your trail 835, continues more directly towards the mountain. The trail is well marked with paint on the rocks and signs where it leaves the road. Pretty soon you are at the base of the mountain, there are more signs and the trail makes a traverse right in order to gain elevation and avoid cliffs higher up.
If you want a nice ascent along the ridge of Dodici, then leave the trail here and head directly up to a very distinct notch separating the east-most part of the mountain a little from the rest. This variation is (YDS) class 2+ if you go along the highest ridge, possibly only class 2 along the easiest path. From the notch you have a very nice view of the valley deep below, turn right and do some fun scramble on good rocks to the summit.
Our route continued off Dodici by turning left (north-east) high on the mountain and locating trail 211. This nice trail connects from Dodici to the nice self serve hut Bivacco Busa della Dodase. This trail description continues under Undici with the traverse of Undici (2228m) as well as the return trail to the car.
Comments: I did this climb with my son Pål Jørgen, age 15. We started from the car at 0700, reached thw summit at 0900. After 30 minutes and good views as well as lunch, we hiked via Cima Undici and Monte Ortigara back to the car at 1200.
This hike is really through World War I territory. Almost everywhere you see traces from old fortifications, memorial plaques etc. On the summit of Monte Ortigara, a large wreath of flowers were laid next to a war memorial. Further near the edge of this summit a bronze bell had been placed, obviously also a sign of rememberance and memory. It gave a nice and long lasting sound through the mountain landscape. It is perhaps not surprising that the small gravel road near the mountain has a large stone inscription saying "Kaiser Karl Strasse". The Austrian forces had a big push into this area and from numerous signs and memorials there must have been a major battle near the small hill Monte Forno, elevation 1911 meter in 1917.
In addition to its historical aspect, this mountain area is very nice and suitable for family hikes, also with small children. There are nice, self service mountain huts in the area and a well marked network of good trails. Our trip continued (the next day) with the ascent of Marmolada.