• Gibraltar
  • 426 m
  • Primary factor 426 m
  • Entrance to the Mediterranian
  • British possesion in South-West Spain
  • Climbed (South summit, 416 m) November 20, 2004.


How to get there: Drive from Malaga passing Marbella to Gibraltar. This is a bit more than one hour along a nice 4 lane highway. There is an official border crossing, since the UK is not a Schengen participant, you must bring your passport.
Route description: There are two summits, the northenmost seems completely military with all sorts of "keep out" devices, fences, warning signs, high voltage stuff etc. Unfortunately, it appears that the north summit is the higher, by about 10 meter. The summit to the south is more accessible. Proceed up the paved road from the cave exit, this is not the road that provides parking. After a few curves you arrive at a huge closed gate that blocks the way. Take a small trail that climbs left on top of a wall. This trail will get you to the north end of the summit ridge. However, the highest points is at the south end. Backtrack a little and ascend a few meters to the bottom of a small wall with a simple iron fence on its top. Climb this wall easily and cross the fence. There is now a ridge road that provides easy access, perhaps 100 meter, to the top of the ridge at its south end. There are no ugly signs telling you to keep out. However, you must cross a small fence, so it is perhaps a bit unclear if this summit access is fully approved by the British authorities.
Comments: I visited this famous rock with my wife Heidi and son Pål Jørgen. This rock is the only place in Europe with monkeys living sort of in the wild. After exploring the very nice and highly surprising cave (a most unexpected place to find such a cave), Pål Jørgen and I set out to see if we could get anywhere near the top of this famous, but still very military infested rock. We had fog on the summit and it was not possible to determine the relative height of the north and the south summit. They appear to be of similar height.