Mountain Trip Reports.

Various mountain trips that did not primarily climb peaks are collected here.

Copyright Petter Bjørstad
I appreciate that use of any material is acknowledged including a link to my main mountain page.

Svartisen 1972: A trip that turned ugly.

Sarek winter 1973: A winter trip to store our supplies.

Sarek summer 1973: A summer trip to find our supplies.

Hardangervidda 1973/1974: A trip with a hurricane.

Jotunheimen 1974: Across Jotunheimen to Lillehammer.

Sierra Nevada 1980: Skiing the High Sierras.

West of Finse: Ski trip, 2004, from Hallingskeid to Myrdal via Kaldevass.

Jostedalsbreen 1994: Report by Jeremy Cook.

Jostedalsbreen 1995: Report by Eero Vainikko.

Jostedalsbreen 2011: Report by Petter Bjørstad.

Jostedalsbreen 2011: Report by Kjell Inge Tufte Tyssen.

Jostedalsbreen / Loen Rundt 2012: Report by Petter Bjørstad..

Jostedalsbreen / Loen Rundt 2012: Report by Espen Haagensen..

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