Monte Gorzano

  • Monte Gorzano
  • 2458 m
  • Prominence 1183 m
  • Location: North 42.61827, East 013.39550 (GPS)
  • Italy
  • Difficulty, YDS class 1
  • Climbed June 20, 2022.


How to get there:
This report describes the ascent hike from the west side of the mountain.
First locate the small town of Amatrice. Take SR577 south-east, continue straight where this road turns right in order to approach the small place called Preta directly from its south side. Drive to location N42.62239, E013.34057, elevation near 1115 meter. The road to the trailhead starts here and runs directly uphill. Drive this road to a nice spot with parking at location N42.62566, E013.35783, elevation near 1380 meter. The trailhead is located (with a large sign) on your right hand side.
Route description:
Follow the trail, initially an old road. Very soon, the route forks right and becomes a proper trail. Higher up, there is another signed fork, keep right. Finally, higher up in the valley, the route forks right again. Sign for Monte Gorzano. The trail climbs with zig-zag turns up the forest hill, then breaking out into open grass land. Continue along the trail (now a bit smaller) as it gains a local ridge, turns left then curves around in order to ascend to the west ridge of Gorzono. Finally, just follow the trail as its ascends this (long) ridge, then arriving at the summit. The summit has a small cross plus a pile of rocks.
I left our hotel, located next to the old village Montefranco, around 0900. The driving route was interesting as it crossed the hill going directly east from the small village of Ferentillo. Slightly obscure, but Google got this one right. I was parked at the trailhead before 1100, then ready to walk by 1110. The hike was nice, but uneventful. I met 4 people (2 groups) coming down. Arrival on top after 2:10. Good views south towards Corno Grande. I started back down after 10 minutes and arrived at my car at 1500. The same interesting drive got me back to our hotel shortly before 1700.