• Gråkallen
  • 554 m
  • Primary factor 161 m
  • Trondheim, Trøndalag.
  • Location: North 63.42104, East 010.25216 (GPS on summit)
  • February January 6. 2018
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1


How to get there:
Drive up on Byåsen and to Skistua, just below the summit of Gråkallen. Park here at location N63.41817, E010.26052, elevation about 435 meter.
Follow the road that climbs Gråkallen. There are signs saying traffic only by special permit. When the road makes a big right curve, leave the road and follow a trail left. There are signs here saying Gråkallen Panorama. Follow the trail to a viewpoint with a large cairn (pile of rocks) at the south side of the summit plateau. This location is at N63.41952, E010.25093, elevation about 547 meter.
The highest point on Gråkallen is located about 180 meter further north, right next to a radar dome. To get there, just follow the right hand side of a fenced in area. As you get closer to the radar dome, the fence becomes quite small and easy to cross. A section of this small fence was even below the snow cover when I visited. There are no signs saying that this is off-limit and the Norwegian Allemannsretten certainly permits the crossing of a fence.