• Sovarenuten
  • 1648 m
  • Prominence 428 m
  • Location: Hardanger, Norway
  • Location: North 60.37461, East 006.93909
  • Climbed April 17. 2021.


How to get there:
This peak is located a bit removed from most roads. This report describes a ski route from Kinsarvik. Most likely, the best time would be early March when the snow still covers well down to fairly low elevations.
From Hwy. 7, at the Hardanger bridge, exit onto hwy. 13 (signed for Odda) turn left in Kinsarvik, the road signs may read Husedalen. After gaining about 100 meter of elevation relative to the fjord, you arrive at a good sized parking area. The road continues, but a sign informs that one should not drive any farther. This location is N60.36333, E006.74360, elevation about 100 meter.
Continue along the road, it serves a small hydro power plant. You will also find a tourist information sign about the valley and the waterfalls. Shortly before this, the road forks and you should follow the left fork turning more uphill. Higher up the road forks, however the right fork is very short and continues as a trail until it reconnects higher up where the road ends. With skis, the road is much preferable to the trail.
The trail continues into the upper valley, descending a bit to a small lake at about 500 meter of elevation. Two smaller cabins are located here. The route continues a short distance along the valley floor, then ascends left to reach another more gentle section around 600 meter. Again turning more directly uphill, another 300 meter of vertical ascent along slightly steeper terrain follows before the uphill slope again eases.
You will now notice the very distinct, narrow valley named Vierdalen, that extends uphill. Continue on its left side, eventually enter and follow uphill to the lake Kvannadalsvatnet, 1228m. From the east end of this lake one may start a gradual, ascending traverse to Kvannaberget 1523m. Ski south of the two small summit points (1533 and 1549), then complete the ascent with the smooth slope extending to the Sovarenuten summit.
I had been looking at this peak for a while, slightly unsure about the best route. A long ski, possibly also visiting Ovaldsnuten from Fivlingen seemed possible. Then I climbed Ovaldsnuten with Eric and he suggested doing Sovarenuten from Kinsarvik. This looked quite attractive, perhaps one coulld even make use of the road that climbed above 500 meter. Unfortunately, Eric was unable to come along, but spring was here and this route should be tried before the snow melted too much.
I arrived at the parking, trailhead before 0900 after an early start from Bergen. The road was closed for visiting cars, so the trip would start from 100 meter of elevation. I started walking at 0850 and soon met a couple walking their dog. "How far do you have to walk before getting on snow?" the man asked. "That is what I also wonder about", I replied. Higher up, I decided to follow the trail instead of the road. This was not such a good decision, given my clumsy plastic boots and the skis getting caught in branches.
I passed the 2 small cabins and ascended to 600 meter, small patches of snow finally started to appear. The time was 1120, it had taken me 2:30 to get here. I tried skiing uphill following smaller gullies that had snow. Ignoring the need to cross dry rock in a few places, I finally found more continuous snow near 900 meter of elevation.
From here, skiing was nice and I advanced up the small valley, a small mistake got me onto the right hand ridge, the slope was too steep to easily ski back and I ended up traversing this ridge before I could start the ascent towards Kvannaberget.
I arrived at the summit cairn around 1520, 6:30 after starting. The weather was nice and the day would be long, however, I realized that I would be back in Bergen late, after dinner time. Returning at 1535, I skied back down to the 900 meter elevation. A long descent on foot remaining. I took the road as soon as I was there and arrived back at my car by 19:20, total trip time 10.5 hours.