• Sveigen
  • 1561 m.
  • Primary factor 391 m.
  • Haukeli, Norway
  • Location: North 59:49.856, East 007:4.621
  • Climbed summer 1991.


How to get there:
A good starting point is a parking area next to Hwy. E-134, just east of the long Haukeli tunnel.
Route description:
Find a route to scramble up the the steepish mountain on the south side of the highway.
I was driving across from Åby to Bergen on a very nice and warm summer day. It was just mandatory to make a stop and climb some mountain. I pulled off the road just before the Haukeli tunnel. My son Tor Erling (age 9) walked, while I carried my youngest son, Pål Jørgen in a "bæremeis", this is a special backpack designed to carry small children. We descended a steeper route among some smaller creeks. This was a bad decision and some scrambling was required. I remember that little Pål expressed some serious concern from high up on my back.