Monte Perdido

  • Monte Perdido
  • 3355 m
  • Primary factor 977 m
  • Third highest in the Pyrenees
  • Location: North 42.67554, East 0.03428
  • Climbed August 27. 1999.


How to get there: See the description under Tobacor (2769 m)
Route description: We made a traverse of the mountain. The classical route which we followed on our return hike to Goriz poses no particular difficulties in late August or early September when there is no snow. The upper part of the scree slope on Perdido is quite steep and the route may perhaps be avalance prone under unfavorable winter conditions.
Our route, (supposed to be called "route de Escaleras") climbs the mountain from the south side. We left the trail and angled to the right while gaining some elevation fairly soon after Goriz. However, it seems that our map was quite misleading and this route probabely follows the classical route further than what is indicated on the map.
We started our climb on the very smooth slope connecting the (rim of) Ordesa canyon with Perdido. Just a few meters east of the very end of what might be called the south ridge of the mountain one can advance up by easy scrambling. Thereafter, we first tried to bear up some sloped rock to the right, but came to the conclusion that we rather should try to climb on the very left side, on what might be considered the ridge itself. With a steep drop to the left side, easy climbing got us up on a flat plateau, just under a vertical, steep rockface. We discovered a small trail that went both ways (left and right) under this cliff and decided that going left (west) looked more promising. After a few hundred meters, it was possible to climb up and thus circumvent this quite formidable obstacle. From here the route became more obvious, we passed the next rockface to the right, then straight up to a smaller rockband that had a short steep pitch at the very bottom (III). The final rockband after more walking on the south slope, was longer, about 30 meters, but not difficult (III-). We did however, use our climbing rope for added security on several of these pitches. The last stretch to the summit is easy hiking.
Comments: Our route was clearly not in frequent use, the beginning may likely not even be part of any described route. We saw nobody until we reached the summit, despite a very nice day and surely about one hundred persons headed for Perdido from Refugio de Goriz. The summit has a very nice view in all directions.