• Geitafjellet
  • 970 m
  • Primary factor 152 m
  • Hordaland, Norway
  • Location: North 60.39611, East 006.07580 (GPS on the summit)
  • Climbed May 5. 2019
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2


How to get there:
Drive Hwy. 7 (branching off from E-16 in Trengereid) Park on your left at the last parking before the road descends into Tokagjelet. This location is at N60.36893, E006.02811, elevation about 360 meter.
Head into the large parking area (closed by a gate), then head up the road that runs (1.5 kilometer) to Byrkjesete. Stay on the uphill road, keeping left at a fork along the way. When you get near the top of the road, it bends left, with a smaller road going right. Go right and cross the creek on the wooden bridge. Across the bridge, follow the trail that heads uphill parallel to the creek. Continue uphill, staying left if there is a fork. Higher up, the trail enters a plateau, you see steeper cliffs of Solhellanuten above you. Cross the plateau and descend (slightly) into a narrow valley. There is a section with rocks here, then cross the small creek. You will arrive at a signed trailfork slightly above the creek. Continue gently uphill, the main southwest ridge of Geitafjellet comes down on your left. Pick a good route uphill. You will eventually see the nice cairn on a rock ahead.
There is a competing high point (967.4 meter?) with no cairn about 250 meter further to the north-east.
I left Bergen after a very nice (late) Sunday breakfast and started hiking at 1150. Shortly after leaving the road, I met a man coming downhill on the trail. We exchanged a few words and it became clear that this man was Rune Blomberg, having climbed almost 700 summits in Hordaland. Very impressive indeed. We talked a bit longer, but eventually said goodbye and I continued uphill. The weather changed between blizzard like snow showers and brief periods with sunshine, overall quite cold as I got higher. The ascent was easy, with natural, connecting gullies having good snow for walking. I reached the cairn at 1350, 2 hours. Good views directly down to Norheimsund as well as across to Torefjell (1050m). Next, I noticed from the map, that there was a competing highest point about 250 meter further onwards.
Í walked across and my GPS did indeed show this point to be approximately 2 meter higher, the difference being too small to judge, the return was quick and I was down by my car in 70 minutes.