Mount St. Helens

  • Mount St. Helens
  • 2549 m
  • Primary Factor 1404 m
  • Location: North 46:12.003, West 122:11.352
  • Washington, USA
  • Climbed in May 1989


How to get there: We drove north-east from Portland passed Yale Lake and on some rather small roads in order to get fairly near the mountain on the south side.
Route description: The hike (in mid May) went for several miles through fairly dense spruce forest and deep snow until we reached the distinct slopes of the volcano itself. The climb up from here was easy, the slope never really steep until we gained the rim and got the impressive crater right in front of us.
Comments: I did this climb with my friends (and co-workers) Jon Brækhus og Anders Hvidsten. My friend Iain Duff as well as few others also came along.
Beware of overhanging snow cornices along the crater rim. At the time when we completed this hike we would have been much better off with skies than on foot. The mountain can be skied all the way up. We had the nice experience also here to walk in dense fog and clouds before suddenly breaking through into sunshine and blue sky above the cloud blanket covering most of the landscape.