• Irazu
  • 3432 m
  • Prominence 1887 m
  • Location: South 09.97646, West 083.85439 (GPS at the summit)
  • Costa Rica
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed: March 16, 2022


How to get there:
This peak is located near the capital, San Jose, of Costa Rica. Travel east from the city and locate the lower end of Hwy. 219. This road will take you all the way to the summit.
There is a gate and a Nat. Park entrance fee of USD 15. This may be paid in advance via online booking. The area is open between 0800 and 1530 every day.
Route description:
A quick summary of the peaks climbed in Central America.
After passing through the entrance gate, continue a short stretch to a road fork. Go straight ahead (left fork), this road is a bit rough, but slow driving will get you to a large (empty) parking area. Continue to its upper end and park just below an ugly, fenced in building. This building is the highest point. There is a gate that may be open. Enter and walk around the building. The entire "climb" can be done in a few minutes.
I had booked myself a ticket with stipulated entry at 1000. Traffic in San Jose is heavy and hard to predict. I arrived shortly after 0930, the guy at the gate looked at my confirmation, then waved me on. I parked near the highest point, then walked around the ugly building. Various debris and junk are scattered on the ground.
I next went to the crater overlook and took a couple of pictures. As I wanted to get back to Heidi well ahead of lunch, I soon left and drove back to our hotel.