• Grönfjället
  • 1376 m
  • Prominence 767 meter
  • Location: North 65.30075, East 015.57961 (GPS on the summit)
  • Tarnaby, Sweden
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2
  • Climbed August 16. 2021.


How to get there:
The trailhead is located in the small community named Grönfjället. A point of reference is the village Dikanås. Drive towards the ski area named Kittelfjäll. Take the signed fork (right) to Grönfjället. In Grönfjället, drive uphill, bear right and locate the trailhead at location N65.27793, E015.67386, elevation about 600 meter.
Route description:
Continue a short distance along the trail that starts out from the trailhead. Turn left (uphill) following a sign for Grönfjället. Walk this traail uphill, then contour around the mountain (to the right). When the trail starts descending towards the valley floor, leave the trail and head left on an ascending traverse.
When reaching the main crest, continue towards a local, but pretty characteristic summit. This sub-summit is listed with an elevation of 1100 meter on the Swedish map. You need to make an easy scramble (only a few meter) to make this summit. Descend on the other (north-west) side. Continue uphill on a very wide aand very gentle slope. Higher up, you will enter a more rocky area and the final slope to the summit is fairly steep.
We stayed in a STF accommodation in Kittelfjäll, drove to the trailhead and started hiking at 0830. The trail was marked with big signs announcing "summit tour to Grönfjället" in the very beginning. However, these signs quickly vanished and the trail actually went into the valley and across the main river to the wrong side if Grönfjället should be the target. This is an example of really bad signs, the first signs should really be removed or one should put up a sign showing where one should leave this trail.
Anyway, we knew where we should go, thus ignored the missing signs and went on to climb the mountain, arriving at the summit at 1105. The weather was cloudy with some fog, we stayed at the summit 15 minutes before returning the same way to our car at 1350.
We haad a long drive today, as our next mountain was Åreskutan, not faar from Trondheim in Norway.