• Sætertind
  • 1095 m.
  • Primary factor 1027 meter
  • Location: North 68:35.198, East 016:21.703 (GPS on the summit)
  • Hinnøya, on the Troms/Nordland border, Norway.
  • Climbed May 12. 2005
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2.


How to get there: This mountain is located on Hinnøya, the largest island in Norway. The nearest town is Harstad. From Harstad, Hwy. 83 south will take you to the Tjeldsundet bridge, 27 kilometer. There is a nice place to stay on the east side of the bridge, Tjeldsundet Kro og Motel (phone: 77089300). From this place you have an unobstructed view of the mountain.
Proceed south 8.1 km on Hwy. E-10 from the traffic circle on the west side of the bridge. Turn right (just after crossing a creek), there may be a sign saying "Idrettsplass". Proceed about 50 meter, keep right (close to the creek) and continue another 300 meter. At this point, the road crosses the creek and enters the sports area. Do not cross this bridge, just park on the side of the road. This is the trailhead, elevation 8 meter, location north 68:34.768, east 016:29.503.
Route description: From the parking, proceed along the small road that continues on the left side of the creek. Higher up, this road forks. I took the left branch until this path approached the powerline (marked on the map) in the saddle area between Hårberget (399m) and Sætertinden. Then I climbed the somewhat steeper hillside in order to reach the ridge just south of lake Årbogvatnet (258m). It is possible that the right branch also provide (possibly better?) access to this ridge.
Either way, ascend along this ridge all the way to the steeper south-east ridge of Sætertinden. Most of this way is marked with permanent bamboo poles. Higher, on the steeper part of the final ridge, the route is marked with a closely spaced sequence of gigantic (telephone poles) wooden poles. There is only a very short (5 meter stretch) section of this hill where the ridge is a bit steeper and at the same time slightly narrow. Higher up, the slope eases and the ridge is broader. The summit has two buildings and two concrete towers (actually more chimney like), all serving comunication purposes. The distance one way is about 5.3 kilometer.
Comments: I did this climb solo. I started out from the car at 0650 ad arrived at the summit after 2.5 hours at 0920. After 30 splendid minutes on top, I skied back down to the car, getting there at 1100 (return trip 1:10).

This was peak number 12 in my T5 trip. Next peak Spanstinden. Previous peak Stormauken.