• Storkjelen
  • 1038 m
  • Primary factor 635 m
  • Location: North 62.08892, East 006.47486 (GPS on the summit)
  • Climbed August 20, 2013
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2


How to get there:
Locate the new Hwy. (E-39), that connects Stryn to Volda. Immediately north of the long Kvivs-tunnel, there is a signed road to Bjørke. Measure from here. Take this road and drive towards Bjørke. At kilometer 10.2, keep left. At kilometer 10.8, a small dirt road with a sign for Finnes goes left. Take this road. At kilometer 13.0, turn left and drive through a local farm. Shortly thereafter, stop and pay toll (NOK 30 in 2013) at a self serve station. Continue with switchbacks up to the mountain valley Bakkedalen. At kilometer 17.8, turn left, drive about 100 meter and park on your left. This is the trailhead, location N62.10213, E006.49168, elevation about 365 meter.
Route description:
From the trailhead, one can see the first part of the route. Locate a creek that comes down from a distinct bowl just east of the summit area. This creek actually drains a small lake (at 944m) near the summit. A good line of ascent is to aim for the horizon just left (that is east) of this bowl. This hillside is steep, but not difficult to walk. There are some rocks at the higher end, go left just below these, then pick a route that traverses right and ends up at the top plateau. Cross the flat area and pick a line that climbs just left of the small creek, one may also take a wider arc and climb the ridge even further left. Cross the flat area just north of lake 944, then gently up the last slope to the summit. There is no cairn, but ruins of a trigonometric marker.
Trip Report / Comments:
With a somewhat streneous climb of Råna the day before and a long drive to Bergen, my friend Arnt suggested that I considered Storkjelen. My original plan was Sætredalsfjellet, but with the low clouds and intermittent rain, Arnt's suggestion was certainly my best option.
I parked at the trailhead by 0915 and was ready to go around 0920. The hike was quite straightforward, when I reached about 700 meter of elevation more and more cloudberries started to appear. They were all yellow and ready to be picked. Unfortunately, I did not even carry a backpack, nowhere to collect except direct consumption. Delicious, I soon forgot that I was on my way to a mountaintop, my path would look very random indeed, as I walked directed by the sighting of new cloudberries.
Eventually, I got back to my main mission and quickly ascended up to the small lake at 944 meter, then the last hill to the summit, arriving there at 1200. It was windy and a drizzle of rain, no place to linger and I left already by 1205. Much better then, a bit lower with less wind and many more cloudberries to taste. After another session with the berries I descended back down to my car arriving there at 1305.
This concluded my trip that started with the Diamond (60) wedding anniversary of Heidi's parents in Molde. I enjoyed great hospitality staying two nights with Arnt Flatmo. He cooked two nice dinners, both with plenty of vegetables and lean meat. It was also my pleasure to finally meet Karma, a very quiet and friendly dog - at least I came before her first birthday celebration. She is fortunate, since Arnt will take her on a run every morning and a hike every afternoon, not to mention all their weekend trips.