• Storfjellet
  • 950 m
  • Primary factor 892 m
  • Location: Near Ålesund, Norway
  • Location: North 62:35.223, East 006:32.068 (GPS at the summit)
  • Climbed May 24, 2006
  • Difficulty YDS class 2 (But see below)


How to get there: Drive from Ålesund north on E-39, then make a left towards Brattvåg at Hwy. 661 and pass a toll station (NOK 30 in 2006). Continue to Eidsvik where you make a left onto Hwy. 659 following signs for Brattvåg. Drive through two tunnels, then make a right approximately one kilometer after exiting the last tunnel (sign for Hellandshamn). Continue along the fjord to a small place named Ringstad on the map. If you cross a river, you have gone too far. Find parking at small turnouts in this area. I parked at location N62:35.426, E006:28.143, elevation 40 meter.

Route description: This route describes "Un Grand Tour de Storfjellet", that is, a complete traverse of the entire mountain area starting and ending in the same location. There are numerous shorter and more direct routes, a very good reference would be Arnt's description for this mountain area.
The route as described here, has two short sections that are of YDS class 3 difficulty. However, one should note that all four summits described on this route can be reached by way of easier routes.
From the trailhead, ascend directly up the slope above you. Depending on your exact location this may require some semi-steep bush-walk, unless you locate a small trail that heads uphill. Soon, you will reach the broad ridge that we shall follow (right) to our first summit Urfjellet. At a level section you have reached elevation 186 m, location N62:35.378, E006:28.517.
Continue along a faint trail that leads up the ridge. In the beginning, still between vegetation, but eventually the ridge climbs more distinctly and you leave vegetation behind. This is roughly at elevation 365 m, N62:34.987, E006:28.845.
The next section heads uphill, partly between a few small rock bands, never difficult, until the ridge levels off. Still broad, what may be called the ridge traverse proper begins at elevation 603 m, N62:34.746, E006:29.235. The ridge is essentially horizontal, there is a metal pole near its beginning and a first section of easy scrambling provided you stay on the highest route. Along the next few sections there are several (easier) ways to bypass, but the top ridge itself is still easy to follow. However, the ridge does become somewhat more narrow and the immediate exposure on either side increases (slightly) as the route continues across a small, local highpoint with a short scramble descending, still along the very top of the ridge. Next, you arrive at a new step down, but this is slightly more tricky. The rock push you a bit out to your left, the space is limited here and the step down a bit further than easily taken. A short jump into the protected notch below is likely best, one may also downclimb but this is likely slightly cumbersome. Anyway, the ridge will soon come to an end, but somewhat surprisingly, it ends in a pretty vertical section with a small col before the broader slope climbs ahead of you. Backtrack a few meter and find an easy downclimb on your right. The final move along the ridge (described above) and this final downclimb to get off the ridge consitute the "crux" of the route and are the only two places that earns this route a grade of YDS class 3. When looking back, (see picture below), it may be possible to bypass this final section on the right hand side, however this cannot be recommended.
Comments: I started at 0930 and since I had extremely limited information about the technical challenge of the first ridge ascent, I was eagerly looking forward to explore this ridge first hand.
The ridge was overall quite pleasant, its most difficult spots being two short sections towards the end that were YDS class 3.
I reached the summit of Urfjellet at 1200. After finishing lunch around 1220, I continued along the easy slopes across to Storfjellet, arriving there at a large summit plateau at 1310.