• Kjettberget
  • 1016 m
  • Primary factor 123 m
  • Location: Between Prestkjerringa and Skjervungen, Oppland, Norway.
  • Location: North 61:06.695, East 010:01.501 (GPS at the summit)
  • Climbed every vacation.


How to get there: We normally start from our mountain hut west of Lillehammer. Another starting point is the parking area at Verskei.
Route description: From Verskei one can ski a couple of different routes, south along the ridge east of the Dokka valley or first to Nysetra, then across lake Kroktjern merging with the former route. This is excellent terrain for skiing. The cairn is located at N61:06.598, E010:01.498. The elevation is 1012 meter, 4 meter lower than the highest point.
Comments: This is a very nice viewpoint. The mountain ends abruptly with cliffs overlooking the nice lake below. There is a nice and well built cairn here. The view towards south is extensive as there are no other mountains this way. However, the highest point is the next hump north with a very small cairn. I have skied to this peak ever since I was a kid, we normally visit this point every time when staying at our hut in winter or Easter.
Partial list of ascents, many more are not recorded.
1 February 22.1964 Ski trip with Dad.
2 February 24.1965 Ski trip with Dad.
3 April 6.1969 Ski trip with Dad.
4 August 10.1969 Multetur med Eva, Elisabeth and Mom.
5 March 28.1983 With Tor Erling and Heidi.
6 March 20.1984 With Tor Erling and Heidi.
7 April 17.1987 With Sidsel.
8 March 8.1990 With Tor Erling.
9 April 15.1992 With Tor Erling.
10 February 23.1994 With Tor Erling.
11 March 27.1994 With Tor Erling.
12 April 11.1995 With Tor Erling and PJ, PJ first time.
13 February 27.1996 With Tor Erling.
14 February 28.1996 With Heidi, PJ and Tor Erling.
15 March 31.1996 With Tor Erling.
16 April 2.1996 With PJ.
17 April 6.1996 With Tor Erling.
18 December 28.1997 With Tor Erling and PJ.
19 April 5.1998 With Tor Erling and PJ.
20 April 1.1999 With Tor Erling and PJ.
21 April 16.2000 Solo.
22 March 25.2002 With PJ.
23 December 29.2002 With Tor Erling.
24 March 3.2003 With PJ.
25 April 13.2003 With PJ.
26 April 18.2003 With TE and PJ.
27 February 25.2005 With PJ.
28 March 2.2007 With PJ.
29 December 26.2007 With PJ.
30 March 19.2008 With Tor Erling and PJ.
31 April 6.2009 With PJ.
32 December 31.2013 Ski trip with PJ and Åke.
33 April 14.2014 Ski trip with PJ.
34 December 31.2016 Ski trip with PJ.
35 April 9.2017 Ski trip with PJ.
36 March 25.2018 Ski trip with PJ.
37 April 1.2018 Ski trip with PJ.
38 December 28.2018 Ski trip with PJ.