• Høgenipa
  • 877 m
  • Primary factor 804 m
  • Location: N 60:37.008, E 005:45.657 (GPS on the summit)
  • Location: West of Dale, part of Norafjella
  • Climbed March 22., 2003.


How to get there: Drive E-16 from Bergen towards Oslo. Dale is a small village between steep mountains about 45 minutes after leaving Bergen. Continue on the main highway as the main Dale exit goes right. After only about 100 more meter, there is a small grassy parking to the left. The highway is starting a gentle right curve at this point and some structure crosses above the Hwy. a bit further down the road. Turn left and park. You should see the remains of an old forest road climbing left as you face the hill.
Route description: This description does not follow the marked summer route all the way, but I found this alternative quite easy under late March conditions with snow from about 550 meter of elevation.
First, hike up the old road as it hairpins right and climbs above Dale. The road changes into a trail and soon you will see a sign saying "Kvile" (means rest). Ignore this and continue up a narrow valley west of Hestfjellet (464m). The terrain then becomes more level as you cross some meadows. Right in front, there is a clear, broad gully leading up just west of the point Nipa. As you get higher (about 550 m), you will see that the gully forks, a slightly steeper gully goes left. The marked trail continues in the main (rightmost) gully, however consider climbing the leftmost gully at this point. One can continue straight up instead of bearing right or a bit higher up along the trail, go left before and under a distinct rockface (see the picture below).
This gully is not steep and very nice if covered by snow. It climbs to about 600 meter, then levels out. Just as it begins to descend, stay left and contour nicely into another very distinct (but very gentle) gully that climbs to the south-west. Follow this gully between Slåttenovi (left, 754m) and Harafjellet (right, 754m) until it becomes flat near the top at 715 meter. (GPS coordinates N 60:36.179, E 005:47.700). At this point turn 90 degrees right and hike north-west along a natural, broad ramp. You need to cross a small side valley in the beginning, however this is easy and the elevation loss/gain is minimal. The terrain eventually descends more pronounced down to a small (east) bay of the lake Øvre Krokavatnet (656m). Check that the ice is safe and continue in the same direction across the lake and further down to the lower lake, Nedre Krokavatnet (637m). Cross this and continue on the left (west) side of a small highpoint. Høgenipa is now directly in front of you, climbing left. Climb straight up gentle snow, I stayed left and had a short section of moderate snow steepness (reasonable to protect with an ice axe). However, by going a bit further right the slope can be climbed safely with no equipment. Gain the main ridge and continue along gentle slopes, eventually passing several small "false" points before locating the main cairn and the highest point among Norafjella.
Comments: I started from the car at 1000, made the summit at 1230, had a main rest plus some shorter ones in total about 30 minutes. The return hike took about 1.5 hours, back at the car at 1430.
Despite being a Saturday, there were no signs of other hikers. Conditions were good, but foggy. I visited about 5 different local points before hitting the one with a cairn. My GPS estimated the elevation to 880 meter, in good agreement with the map.
This peak is number 7 measured by prominence (primary factor = 804 m) in Hordaland.