Fanafjellet (Lyseskarfjellet)

  • Fanafjellet (Lyseskarfjellet)
  • 313 m
  • Primary factor 160 m
  • Hordaland, Norway
  • Highest in Bergen
  • Location: North 60:23.251, East 005:35.425
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed April 10. 2011


How to get there: From Bergen, drive towards the airport to Lagunen (shopping center), go left in the 2nd. traffic circle and drive Hwy. 546 south towards Fana kirke. Go straight and enter Hwy. 163 as it climbs Fanafjellet. Park on the left (big parking) as you get to the highest point on the road. This place is called Fanasæter. Park here, location N60:15.422, E005:21.785, elevation 233 meter.
Route description: This route will visit 2 small tops along the way, both with nice views and elevation exceeding 300 meter. From the parking, cross the road and enter the old farm house museum area. Walk uphill on the gravel path, crossing through a gate along the way. This path climbs the ridge and leads directly to Ramberget, elevation 300 meter and prominence only 35 meter (to Høgeåsen). However, the summit has a steep cliff facing west and commands a nice view west and north.
Continue south on a trail that is now smaller until you cross the ridge that leads up to Høgeåsen. This hill has several rocks that are of almost similar height, one with a numbered bolt. However, the two highest points are near the southern end. One large rock is marked on the map at 309 meter. A smaller rock about 50 meter north seems to be of equal elevation. Høgeåsen has 51 meter of prominence towards Fanafjellet.
Descend west and cross over the small hill Steinfjellet before hitting the col called Lyseskar. From here, an easy trail takes you directly to the summit of Fanafjellet. Fanafjellet has a small building and many antennas on its very summit.
One may return following a trail that runs towards the bottom of the big west facing cliff of Ramberget. The road makes a bend here and one can walk along the highway a few hundred meter in order to get back to the trailhead/parking.
Comments: I left the car at 1110 and made numerous stops along the way, including measurements of 4 different points on Høgeåsen. Arriving at the top of Fanafjellet around 1235, I looked around and took several photos before heading back along a loop route that brought me back to the Hwy. I was back at the car around 1315. The weather was nice and I concluded my trip by driving "cab-style" for the first time in 2011. The car has studded tires until after Easter, normally I should have changed, but Easter is exceptionally late this year.