• Ulvenfjellet
  • 316 m
  • Primary factor 253 m
  • Os, Hordaland, Norway
  • Location: North 60:11.870 East 005:24.482 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed February 25, 2012.


How to get there:
Drive south from Bergen on E-39, towards Os. At the traffic circle (near Os), continue right, still on E-39. At the second traffic circle, exit right to Ulven. Follow the main road (Hwy. 160), about 2 kilometer, look for a commercial building with the sign Rolls-Royce at the right hand side, this is near a small road intersection. Turn right and enter the large parking area. This is the trailhead, location N60:11.296 E005:24.735, elevation about 68 meter.
Route description:
There are many signs at the far end of the parking area. Follow a trail that soon hits a forest road. Continue right on this road until it bends sharply right. Leave the road here and head straight uphill, that is just right of a large cairn. You will find a wooden sign pointing right, that says Ulvenfjellet. Follow this big trail uphill. The trail becomes more level, then turns sharply left. Continue uphill until the big trail ends and continue uphill on a smaller trail. Higher up, the trail may disappear, there are many small trails, but they seem to go in slightly random directions. Just head uphill and you will easily locate the highest point with a summit register.
I left my car at 1415 and headed uphill in order to bag my second summit for the day. I arrived at the summit at 1445. Turning back down the same way, I was back at my car at 1530.
To my surprise, some (not so smart!) person had lowered the gate and locked it securely. This was indeed an unexpected problem. I found a NOKAS (security company) phone number on the Rolls-Royce building and called them. I asked that they call Rolls-Royce and get them to come to the parking lot and open the gate. They promised to be around in 10 minutes.
A person did show up and unlocked the gate. I asked why the gate was closed in mid-afternoon with a car parked near the many trail signs, suggesting that this was not an ideal thing to do. He answered that this parking lot belonged to Rolls-Royce. I suggested that they should leave it open for people to park in the weekends. The alternative (not a good one) would be to keep it closed and definitely put an appropriate sign there. After a moment of reflection, he did agree with me that indeed, why not let this parking lot be available for the public. Obviously, some higher level management would have to decide.