• Helgoland
  • 2125 m.
  • Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland


How to get there: The mountain summit is located at 76.26.942 north, 26.19.827 west. This is a GPS measurement at the summit.
Route description: The only good route is to ski north-west between this mountain and Falkoner Klippen (to the north), passing two small nunataks (north) and then ascending the north-west ridge from the north. This ridge can be followed, first on rock later on snow until it widens and connects with the main summit face sloping gently
Comments: The ascent on May 28. 2000 was a first ascent. A cairn was built at the summit. My ski tour around the the north side of Helgoland on May 23rd. is the farthest north I have ever skied (or hiked for that matter).