• Daurmålsegga
  • 807 m.
  • Primary factor 402 m.
  • Hordaland, Norway
  • Location: North 60.24175, East 005.93786 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2.
  • Climbed February 9. 2013.


How to get there:
This mountain is located on the north side of the Hardangerfjord. From Bergen, drive E-16 to Trengereid, continue on Hwy. 7 about 14 kilometer passing Samnanger, then turn right onto Hwy. 48, signs for Gjermundshamn. As you get to Mundheim on the Hardangerfjord, turn left on Hwy. 49 and measure from here. Continue 8.9 kilometer, you will pass through the small place Oma, then at kilometer 8.9, turn very sharply left on a small road. Drive uphill, 1.7 kilometer to the last farm. Ask permission to park here. This is the trailhead, location N60.22815, E005.97745, elevation about 225 meter at the farm named Åse.
Route description:
Follow the road that continues uphill to the last family house. (There is little parking here) In summer, this road continues, but in winter it ends here. Continue uphill along the road, it turns more left and climbs the hillside. Higher up the route again turns a bit right and crosses a small creek. The route now continues uphill while staying on the left side of the creek. Soon, you reach the summer farm houses called Nyasete. Cross the creek here and find the route that steeply climbs a small hill immediately on the right side of the creek. From here, the route continues uphill in easy terrain. The shortest route to the summit should perhaps turn left and find its way uphill more or less directly to the summit.
My route contined north until reaching 700 meter elevation at Rishaugnuten. Descend slightly to the west and climb the main crest near Orraaksla. From here, head south along the main crest to reach the summit.
The forecast was nice, however it did not happen. The weather stayed cloudy all day. I had long waited for a day to climb Daurmålsegga, my last peak on the Hordaland 50 most prominent list that were on the Bergen side of the Hardanger fjord.
I left Bergen about 10 minutes after 10, and arrived at the trailhead around 1140. Parking was ok'ed near the upper farm and I headed uphill around 1150. I followed a ski track and soon a track from snow scooters. From Nyasete, the trail crossed the creek on a small bridge, then climbed a short hill. The terrain further north is excellent for skiing. Obviously, what people do here is to run around (it is illegal!) on their snow scooters. Lots of tracks everywhere going up and back down the various slopes. I continued a large U-shaped route that brought be north (in fact outside my map!) before turning and gaining the main crest of this mountain ridge. Skiing was easy and I arrived at the somewhat unusual cairn around 1415.
After a 5 minute break, I continued south in order to make a loop trip. The terrain was quite easy and I more or less followed the drainage, more steeply down among the trees before arriving at another summer farm location called Raudkleiv. Skiing more north-east, I navigated (some care is needed!) back to the area with the stream, then back down the final hill along the same forest road that I ascended. I was abck at my car by 1520. All in all, a nice ski trip despite the absence of the promised sunshine.


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