• Steigtinden
  • 793 m
  • Primary factor 760 m
  • Location: Bodø, Norway
  • Location: North 67.38790, East 014.74051 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed September 18, 2019


How to get there:
This mountain is north of Bodø. Take road 834, signed for Kjerringøy, this road follows the coast directly north from the city center. Drive about 13 kilometer to Skau, turn right here and park at the parking area. This location is N67.39020, E014.64189, elevation about 10 meter.
Route description:
Follow the road directly towards the hillside. This road will connect (trail) to the road that climbs partway up the hillside. Continue on a good trail to reach the main crest. There is a signed trail fork, the route to Steigtinden will turn left. The trail is marked with cairns as it follows the main crest to the final slopes of Steigtinden. The final climb can be done on at least two different trails, the rightmost will visit a big hole in the cliff just below the summit ridge, whereas the trail that climbs slightly more left runs more directly to the summit.
I did this climb together with my friend Sondre Kvambekk. After our successful climb of Sjunkhatten on Tuesday, we wanted to do a shorter hike before our flight back to Bergen/Sogndal.
We started around 0930 and arrived at the summit at 1115 after first having paid a visit to the nice hole in the rock. We came across several ptarmigans along the trail, they did not seem to worry about people getting quite close. There was a memorial inscription for a young man that died here only 5 years ago. Nice views, this peak looks very steep when viewed from the road to Kjerringø&y. We left after about 15 minutes and returned to our car at 1300, with plenty of time to spare for our flights later in the afternoon.
Many thanks to Sondre for nice September days in Northern Norway!