• Bogafjellet
  • 444 m
  • Primary factor 145 m
  • Location North 60.17538 East 005.62418 (GPS on the summit)
  • Fusa, Norway
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed April 10, 2016.


How to get there:
From Bergen, drive south to Os, then east to the ferry at Hattvik. Take it across to Venjaneset (NOK 80 in 2016.). Measure from here. Drive into Fusa and turn right (south). Roughly at kilometer 5.2, look for a small road that heads uphill to your left. Take this road and drive uphill until you arrive at a flat spot with ample space for parking. This location is N60.16648 E005.60386, elevation about 150 meter. This is a good trailhead for Bogafjellet (north) and for Snøkkja (more south-east).
Route description:
Continue up the road to the lake, keep left and follow the trail along the lake to a signed trailfork. Go left and ascend the hill. You will pass a second trailfork higher up, stay left (obvious). The trail ascends to a marked summit. However, this is not the highest point. Continue along the broad ridge for about 300 more meter to locate the highest point. An unmarked high point (right) and a tiny cairn (left), the cairn is likely a bit lower.
I started hiking at 1250 and arrived on top at 1330. After a long break in the nice weather, I headed back down. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery power, this was the first hike in about 3 years where I did not bring a spare!
Down by the lake, I continued along the shore to get to my next objective, Snøkkja. This was a bit cumbersome, due to many fallen trees. Finally, up on a forest road, I decided to tackle the new hill straight on. There was actually some sort of track a bit up in the hill. Arriving on this summit around 1500, I signed the summit register and was unhappy about not getting a photo. I returned to my car by 1530.