Mount Baden-Powell

  • Mount Baden-Powell
  • 2865 m
  • Primary factor 859 m
  • California, USA.
  • Location: North 34.35852, West 117.76464 (GPS on the summit.)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed September 16. 2018


How to get there:

Route description:
From the trailhead, a good trail starts out going right. This trail zig-zags up the hillside (with 41 hairpin turns) to gain a short ridge that connects to a nicely rounded summit.
I arrived at the parking lot around 1630 after a long drive across from Piute Peak near Bakersfield. The last few people that hjad hiked this mountain were just returning to their cars. Unfortunately, (typical for the US), there was a big sign at the parking lot saying that one could only park with a Adventure Pass (USD 30) on display in the car. Obviously, I could not get this today, thus I pulled out of the parking and parked my car on the opposite side of the Hwy. Really silly, but I assumed it would work.
I decided that this hike should be doable before the end of the day, a sign announced that the distance to the summit would be 4 miles. I knew that the vertical gain would be 860 meter.
I settled on a good, but sustainable pace, no stops along the way and arrived at the summit at 1745, so 1:15 up, quite acceptable. It was quite a nice early evening. I stayed around for 15 minutes, taking pictures and looking the Baden-Powell memorial.
Leaving at 1800, I tried a slow but easy jogging and arrived back down by 1900. It was high time to figure out how to drive back to my apartment in Westwood, LA.