• Steinen
  • 663 m
  • Primary factor 174 m
  • Kvam, Norway
  • Location: North 60.18095, East 005.92163 (GPS at the summit)
  • Climbed May 26. 2016
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2+


How to get there:
From Bergen, first drive to Eikelandsosen (E-16 to Trengereid, Hwy. 7 Samnanger, then Hwy. 48 towards Mundheim.) From Eikelandsosen, continue along Hwy. 48 to Mundheim. At Mundheim, turn left and drive 2.1 kilometer to a local hill-top where a forest road goes left. Turn left here, the forest road is closed about 100 meter from the Hwy. but a large parking area is available. This location is at N60.17121, E005.94202, elevation about 65 meter.
Hike up the forest road. Soon, the main road bends left, leave it and continue uphill along the older forest road that runs more straight ahead. Follow this road until it ends. There is a mail box with a trip register here, as well as benches for resting. A red marked trail continues (right). Follow this trail. The marking of this trail is a bit variable, however, look around and you should always be able to follow the trail. The trail eventually ascends to the small valley that separates Steinen from the slightly higher Vedasnerta. A small creek drains east from the lake Vatnadalsvatnet. The trail runs on the left side of this creek before crossing at the end of the lake. Several trails head uphill directly towards Steinen, ignore these, there is no easy way up in this area. The trail follows around on the north side of the lake, then starts its ascent. The trail ios somewhat better marked from here onwards. There is a short section where the ascent is slightly steeper and you most conveniently will use yhour hands/arms for support, this is the only (YDS) class 2+ part.
The trail contours around (right) and even descends a bit in order to find easier terrain. As soon as this succeeds, what remains is an easy ascent to the surprisingly large plateau on top of Steinen.
There is a small cairn at the highest point. Note that there is a second small ridge that seems equally high. The fjord view is better from this point and it only takes a few minutes to visit it as well. The location is N60.17959, E005.92106.
I left my car at 1200 and walked up the nice forest road. The trail continued nicely to the small valley between the two mountains. Here, a very clear trail pointed uphill and I decided to explore if indeed there would be a route directly up from here. The answer is no, but it did take me about 30 minutes to figure this out. I continued to the summit along the maintained trail, getting there around 1400. The day was nice and the views equally good. I spent about 20 minutes on top before descending the same way in order to visit Vadasnerta on my way home. There was no clear trail up to this summit, but I arrived there at 1520, one hour between the two summits. Descending at 1530, I was back at my car by 1630 after a very nice summer hike.