Pico Bejenado

  • Pico Bejenado
  • 1856 m
  • Primary factor 551 m
  • Location: North 28.69247, West 017.87684 (GPS at the summit)
  • Palma, Canary Islands.
  • Difficulty: Class 1 (YDS)
  • Climbed March 14, 2019


How to get there:
From Santa Cruz de la Palma, locate Hwy. LP-3 and drive it across to the west side, you will go through a tunnel at the crest, then descend. Locate the National Park visitor center on your right hand side and turn right (leaving Hwy. LP-3), immediately after this center. Shortly, you will arrive at a fork where the left fork is signed for Valencia. Take this road, drive to the end of the paved road, then continue on a slightly rough dirt road for a couple of kilometer. This road turns to asphalt again shortly before the trailhead. There are garbage containers marking the trailhead, park here. This is location N28.67808, W017.85403, elevation about 1170 meter.
Route description:
There is a good information map posted at the trailhead. You will see that a round-trip hike is possible. Take the left route up to the top of the ridge. This is at 1600 meter and you are now 1600 meter from the summit. The trail is nice and easy all the way. From the summit, you have a good view of the impressive canyon below as well as good views across to the main (island) crest.
On return, take the slightly longer route, signed for Valenica, that first runs along the top ridge, then desends having the deep and distinct valley on your left. You will eventually arrive at a signed fork where the route bends sharply right. Keep left, but stay on a trail. This trail becomes slightly smaller for a short stretch, then connects to the very end of the road that holds the trailhead slightly lower. Note that this route deviates a bit from the one on the information sign.
Heidi decided to join as the weather was cloudy at our hotel near Santa Cruz. As it turned out the weather was perfect, with only blue sky and sunshine as soon as we crossed over to the west side. We left the car 10 minutes afterr 1000, had a nice walk to the top of the ridge. Here, Heidi waited while I took a quick trip to the summit, arriving there shortly before noon. I rested 5 minutes, signed the summit register and took some photos, before returning to Heidi. We then hiked the ridge and descended back down pretty parallel to the deep valley that holds a road. Back at the car around 1400.
We next drove Hwy. LP-1 all around the northern coast, a bit more than 100 kilometer, arriving back in Santa Cruz shortly after 1700.