• Rispingen
  • 742 m
  • Primary factor 394 m
  • Osterøy, Norway
  • Location: North 60.53434, East 005.67276 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2 (with snow)
  • Climbed November 4, 2012.


How to get there:
This mountain is on Osterøy. Drive from Bergen and cross the big bridge (toll). Immediately after the end of the bridge (and the toll crossing), turn right (do not proceed to the tunnel!) and measure from here. After 200 meter turn right again towards Bruvik. At kilometer 11.6, turn left in order to follow the main road (among houses), then at kilometer 12.4, turn left (uphill), the sign says "10 Hakanes". Continue up the steep and winding road and turn left into a large parking area at kilometer 15.9. This is the trailhead, location N60.49762, E005.66699, elevation about 355 meter.
This trailhead is called Båtaleitet. There is a large information board there. The trailhead also serves Brøknipa, the second highest mountain on Osterøy.
Route description:
Head over to the end of the parking area (near the information board), cross the road and proceed a very short distance, then locate the trail that runs uphill from the road. Follow this trail as it climbs the ridge, then continues across gentle terrain before an uphill section that takes you passed a bigger cairn and to a local top. From here, continue across while ascending until you can look down into the fjord on the east side. You are now on Skarvenipa, about 672 meter. The route proceeds north across a small dip then ascending to a big and prominent cairn that has been built in a location that appears pretty arbitrary. Well, the place has a good view of Stanghelle, but that alone should not cause a cairn to be built? A bit more, and you are on a local top called Raudskredbruna. The route now runs north and east of a nice lake, Brunatjørna, (pic. looks back) before crossing the valley that separates Rispingen from the terrain further south. What remains is a short uphill to locate the cairn on the top of a pretty distinct rock formation.
It was a nice and crisp Sunday, partly blue sky and 0 degree Celcius in the morning. I decided to return to Osterøy and hike to the third highest peak, Rispingen at 742 meter.
I left the trailhead around 1150, and immediately took the wrong trail. Instead of taking the trail right actoss from the parking, in the very first curve, I continued a bit on the road and turned uphill along a very nice trail serving some cabins higher up. Oh well, no big deal, I continued uphill and intersected the proper trail a bit below the first considerable cairn. The hiking was nice, but pretty heavy as I ran into more snow higher up. Eventually, I got to the edge facing east and could enjoy the great scenery with the fjord deep below me.
More continuous snow cover, but not bad to hike here, the crust sometimes carries my weight. I descend steeply in order to cross a couple of ravines, then ascend the final slopes to the summit. Shortly before the summit, I scare two ptarmigans. They are all white, well prepared for the winter. This year, all reports indicate that their numbers are quite low. I am at the summit around 1340, with sunshine and pretty nice scenery. The Osterøy lake, Storavatnet dominates to the northwest. The highest mountain, Høgafjellet is north. Across east, the landscape is white and much of the terrain between Bergsdalen and Kvamsskogen can be seen. Brøknipa, the second highest peak climbs up from the parking area where I left, ie. a good point of reference.
I leave after about 10 minutes. The return hike is easier, tracing my steps in the snow. Back near Skarvenipa, I meet a couple headed for Rispingen. We exchange a few words on the route and the weather. They are happy about following my tracks. I return to the car by 1525, having had a very good late fall hike on foot. Next week, I shall ski up near Bodø, thus it is likely that this is my last hike on foot for some time?