• Fuglafjellet
  • 1334 m.
  • Primary factor 664 m
  • Highest in Kvamskogen
  • Location: North 60:26.541, East 006:02.729
  • Climbed on September 29, 2001.


How to get there: Drive from Bergen to Kvamsskogen. This is a popular vacation area. The drive is normally just under one hour. After the highest point, Jonshøgdi, the road descends and there is an NAF operated place on the right hand side of the road. They have the key to the private access road, otherwise closed by a gate. Obtain the key here (small fee plus a deposit for the key). Continue for about 1.5 km. The dirt road goes left at a bed and breakfeast motel before the main road crosses the creek Fljoto. This road first climbs then continues in the valley for about 5 km. Park off the road where it ends, quite close to a lake (Øvre Kvanndalsvatnet, 500 m).
Route description: From the end of the road, continue a few hundred meters along the creek to a wooden bridge. Cross on this bridge and hike towards the building. Near this house, the T-marked trail will take you further into the valley and up between large boulders to the pass Gråurdskardet (approx. 990m). While still in the pass, look for and turn sharply right up a natural ramp in the terrain and gain the higher plateau east of the pass. A distinct, small summit (point 1070) attracts your attention. Pass this point on the left, you can climb it by way of a small, sloping ledge on its north side. Continue around the lake Gråurdsvatnet (1014 m) on the west side to the northern tip of the lake. Continue a bit north up grassy slopes and follow the way of least resistance as you bypass a distinct cliff on its left (north) side. After gaining a more level plateau, head south-west in the direction of the summit. It is probabely best to stay a bit north and pass a distinct (false) rock summit on the northern side. The terrain is quite broken with many small cliffs and some permanent snow fields, be careful and watch for the crevasse that often separates the snow from the cliff. Generally, there are many possible variations, no significant difficulties, but one may have to circumvent cliffs and obstacles along the way. The summit is a north-south ridge with a small cairn. Carefully, follow the same route on your return, see also the alternative described under Comments below.
Comments: The view from the summit is very good. One can see Ulriken in Bergen, the mountains around Voss, the glaciers Hardangerjøkulen and Folgefonnen, the Hardanger fjord and many mountains in between. I did this hike with Arnt Flatmo (who had been here before) and my son Pål Jørgen, age 12. It took us about 2.5 hours to the summit. We continued the hike, making a return that took us further north, just west of point 1296, steeply down to the slope just south of point 1210, then east to the narrow lake 1016. There is a trail just west of this lake that runs south-west, west of point 1122 and back to Gråurdsvatnet. We subsequently climbed Iendafjellet (also named Såta) 1260m, before returning to the car. Total trip time 6.5 hours under blue sky and a brillant sun, the conditions can hardly get any better as we shift from September to October.