• Øyjordsåsen
  • 396 m
  • Primary factor 118 m
  • Fusa, Norway
  • Location: North 60.16722, East 005.76794 (GPS at the summit)
  • Climbed November 6. 2016
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2


How to get there:
From Bergen, first drive to Eikelandsosen (E-16 to Trengereid, Hwy. 7 Samnanger, then Hwy. 48 towards Mundheim.) From Eikelandsosen, continue along Hwy. 48 to the intersection called Kilen. Tunr right here onto Hwy. 549, sign Såvareid. Continue about one kilometer after the turnoff to Såvareid, locate a very small road going left with the sign Markhus. Take this road, it climbs steeply with several sharp curves. Just as it levels park on the left hand side immediately after the cattle guard. This is the trailhead, location N60.17721, E005.76910, elevation about 145 meter.
Walk up to the last house, then continue (possibly by a trail) to reach the main col called Markhusskardet, elevation about 280 meter. From here, you will see the obvious route going uphill. The ascent is straightforward, however a single step, pretty high up, may be considered (YDS) class 2+. Follow the high ridge once you are up at more level terrain. There are three locations that compete for the highest point, first a small, local hilltop, next two humps that are located quite close together. The highest point is likely the first of these two.
I was back down at Markhus after ascending Steinen, around 1315. The next goal was Øyjordsåsen. In order to climb this, the idea was to follow a trail to Markhusskardet, a distinct col next to the hill. However, perhaps due to the new snow, a trail was hard to find. The terrain up to this col was rather unfriendly with lots of fallen trees, rocks covered by snow etc.
After gaining Markhusskardet, the remaining route was pretty obvious. The top of the hill is full of trees and it is not at all easy to see across from the first high point to the next two. The official map of the area with only >m meter contour intervals says that the first of the two humps is the highest one.
I arrived at the summit around 1410. After about 10 minutes of looking around and checking the 3 possible high points, I returned at 1420. Descending was a lot easier in all the new snow and I was back by my car at 1500.